Sunday, March 9, 2014

NeoRoots- New Awareness

Before I went natural my hair was so unhealthy and I hardly knew what it looked or felt to wear it au naturale. I had a hard time seeing the beauty in my hair, sad but true, however that was my reality growing up. My hair always never left in its natural state long enough for me to appreciate it. And I don't blame my mom for that because she didn't know any better. 

I came across natural hair journey videos on YouTube of beautiful women who nurtured their beautiful kinks and curls, and wore it proudly and I was instantly inspired. 
Now I know that my inability to see the beauty in my hair stems from lack of knowledge and that's why it was easier to chemically treat it and keep it hidden. I came to realize that when I learn to nurture it, I inevitably start to love and appreciate my kinky and nappy roots. I'm definitely embracing this new awareness I have gained about my roots.

The video below features Kathleen Cleaver of the Black Panther Party explaining why they chose to wear their hair in its natural state. Although the Black Panthers were a political party, there were no political intent behind wearing afros except to promote natural beauty among black people. I feel like her words definitely hits home amongst the growing number of black women who are naturalistas.

Stay tuned for more, I have some exciting news coming by the end of this week. You don't want to miss it!

Love Always,

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