Friday, November 22, 2013

"Your hair looks weird..."

I work at a daycare with amazingly smart and sweet children, between the ages of 1 to 4 years old right outside of Stockholm. I haven't seen many black people in that area, I'm almost positive that I'm the first black person the kids encountered on a daily basis and formed a relationship with.
Fast forward to about 2 weeks ago, I decided to rock my Afro to work. It's the complete opposite from long, straight hair, and, completely different from what the kids (and even some of my colleagues) have seen up close. I was definitely met with curious  stares that day and comments like "why is your hair like that?" and "it looks weird". (LOL)
Now I've already explained to kids why I have dark skin and that I'm from Africa but the hair was something they couldn't quite figure out. I tried to explain to them that just like people have different skin-, eye- and hair color, people also have different hair textures but, in essence, we are all the same. (Cliché maybe but it worked!)

Once they understood that it's just hair, they couldn't keep their little hands off of it. (Oh boy..) 

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Love Always,

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Better Late than Never

Sooo... I've been slacking. Really bad. I really have no excuse for it. I just need to do better and keep it up because I am really passionate about natural hair. I want to share my story and that was the purpose of this blog.

Since my last post, I've had my braids removed and I've been rocking wigs as my protective style. My natural hair is kept in cornrows underneath and it's a lot easier for me to manage.
I made an Afro wig back in June and it's my baaaaby! *pats self on the shoulder* 
I love it because it's full and diva hair. It's definitely an eye catcher. 
(Yes, it's a wig!!!!!!!!)

I did cut it recently and I love my divalicious hair even more!!  

It looks so natural this wig, of course I've said YES when asked if it's mine! (Sorry not sorry) 

I will be back with more posts, PROMISE!

Stay tuned for more

Love Always,