Sunday, February 16, 2014

DIY: Onion & Rose Water Hair Growth Mix

As I mentioned before, I made three DIY (Do-It-Yourself) concoctions that I'm currently using on my hair.  In case you're not familiar with DIYs it  basically means creating or modifying something without any professional experience.

In this post I'm gonna tell you about the onion and rose water mixture.
Onions carries nutrients that are beneficial for hair growth such as; sulphur, folic acid, vitamin B6 and C.
The onion juice also has anti-bacterial properties, promotes blood circulation and if used religiously it can lead stronger hair and prevent scalp infections. (Source: StyleCraze)

I find it difficult juicing the onion since I'm using a blender, so I added some rose water because:
A. it helps to liquidize the onion. I use a blender and it helps to blend smoothly when liquid is added.
B. to somewhat disguise the smell because onions stink!! Although it didn't quite mask the smell entirely, it wasn't overpowering. (Depending on how much rose water you use.)

Rose water has it's own properties that will stimulate hair growth, moisturize, nourish hair, and also treats dandruff and scalp infections. It's perfect for stabilizing the hair porosity level as the pH balance of rose water is close to the ideal state of the hair. 
Click on the source for details on how to incorporate rose water into your beauty regim. (Source: StyleCraze)

Don't get me wrong.. You will probably still smell like OLW Grill Chips (my swedes know) with the solution in your hair and you have to make sure to thoroughly wash your hair afterwards.

I chopped up 1 small onion with the peel.

I then poured about 1 dl rose water 

Finally, I strained the mixture to get rid of the chunks.

Stay tuned for more.

Love Always,

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