Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Experience on: Onion Juice for Hair Growth

As I mentioned before, I am a You Tube Addict. And proud of it!
I came across xoDVF and fell instantly in love with her gorgeous hair, she is seriously my hair crush and inspiration. She is living proof to all non-believers that Africans, I repeat, AFRICANS can grow long hair. It just needs the proper love and care.

One of her secrets to healthy hair is Onion Juice! Now before you give me the blank stare like everyone else I've told, I've tried it twice. I massaged it into my scalp and left it in for about 4 hours each time, and yes, it did smell so I made sure to stay home. I've read that you can leave it in for about 30 min to 1 hr. But my hair is so greedy, I figured that it wouldn't hurt to leave it in longer. And let me tell you that it was like a magic potion: the re-birth of my hair. Seriously. My hair was soooooooooo Soft after my hair was rinsed with lukewarm water. I'm definitely going to include it in my weekly regiment.

Healthextremist writes a blog post about the nutritional benefits of onion juice on hair. Click here

And check out the video below!

Stay tuned for more!

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